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My Very Own Hypnobirthing Story

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

A Hypnobirthing Practitioner’s Hypnobirthing Story!

After many weeks of Braxton Hicks and being 41 weeks, I began to think that this bubba was going to stay forever! Bub was obviously having a comfortable time in there, but I certainly wasn’t. On Thursday before Good Friday, I began to have an increase in Braxton Hicks. My husband and I had been doing our Hypnobirthing Birth Rehearsal video quite regularly over the last few weeks and I had been listening to my Lotus Flower recording and the Surge of the Sea Mp3 each night. We had been using acupressure and putting Clary Sage on the pressure points over the last few weeks, so we did a little more on Thursday night. I didn’t really think I was in labour, as I had been having Braxton Hicks for a number of weeks. So, we went to bed as usual and I woke up the next morning, with STILL NO BABY! The next day I had more surges on and off and again I didn’t think anything was really happening. Went to bed as usual with maybe a little bit of an increase in surges and listened to more Hypnobirthing tracks again. By about 2am I was awake with what did seem like an increase in intensity – I was finding that I needed to really breathe through and visualise myself in my Bubble of Comfort (which was a visualisation of me in a bubble floating high up on Mt Villarica in Chile, watching condors flying, which we climbed a few years ago). However, I still didn’t think too much of it. Shortly after 2am, my 2 year old daughter came running into our room saying “My bum’s sore, my bums sore!!” Hahahaha, which she has never done before! She made us look at her bottom and put some paw paw cream on it. Very strange indeed! Maybe she knew something? Anyway, she settled down, but didn’t want to go back to sleep and wasn’t asleep until a few hours later. By that stage my surges were increasing in intensity and I felt like this was probably it. However, I still wasn’t completely convinced, as I had had such a build up over the last few weeks. I got out of bed and started setting up our birth space – lit some candles, played my affirmations on the stereo, put my visualisations/affirmations board up, got snacks ready, drank plenty of water and had a herbal birth tea. I also made an iced birth tea, for later in the birth.

Not Much Happening…

After an hour or so, at about 5.30am, my husband got up and wondered what I was doing. I don’t think he was completely convinced that bubba was going to arrive today either. We chatted and I breathed through my surges and I decided at about 6.30 or 7am to ring Jo, our midwife. Jo was certain that this was labour and said not to go anywhere and don’t be surprised if things happened pretty quickly. She suggested that we work out what we were going to do with our daughter for the day and we felt that it would be a good idea for Andrews Mum to pick her up for the day. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to focus, if she was around. Up until then, I wasn’t completely certain if our daughter was going to stay at home with us or not, but it felt right for her to go with her Nan.

A Walk Seemed Like a Good Idea

Over the next couple of hours, surges slowed down, as daylight arrived, which I knew could happen. Our daughter got up at 9am and she was wanting many cuddles, so we knew that it would be a good decision for her Nan to pick her up, as I wouldn’t be able to give her what she needed today. My mother in law came over and took our daughter at about 10am and again, surges were still happening, but not increasing at all. Still breathing through and visualising the Bubble of Comfort as they happened. I rang Jo again and told her what was happening, I was beginning to think that I would be another night away from birth, but Jo still felt like things could happen later today. We decided that going for a walk would be a good idea, so Andrew and I had a nice walk on our local beach for about an hour. I walked through surges and we enjoyed a very peaceful walk together.

That Got Things Going!

When we arrived home at about 1.30pm, surges did start to increase. I really needed to focus now and I found myself kneeling on the couch and leaning over the arm of the couch with some cushions, as Andrew did light touch on my back (which helps release endorphins). I had to raise my index finger each time I had a surge, as Andrew didn’t know when I was having surges or not. I continued to visualise my bubble, but as they increased in intensity I asked Andrew to read the affirmations on his Birth Cheat Sheet, as he did light touch (which helps release endorphins). This was SO HELPFUL, as I found it hard to focus myself, his voice really anchored me and allowed me to release and let go to the surges. We told Jo to come over and she arrived at about 3pm (I think). When she arrived she quietly entered and gave us a cuddle each. She checked bubba with the doppler and my blood pressure and everything was going beautifully.

Time for the Birth Pool

I could feel myself withdrawing and the intensity of the surges taking over my body and mind. Andrew continued the light touch and affirmations and a couple of times when he needed to leave the room, Jo took his place, reading the affirmations and giving the light touch. They filled up the birth pool in between my surges and I found it difficult to stay on the couch. Andrew suggested walking and cuddling, which was a great idea. I then begun draping my arms around his neck and bearing all my weight around him in a big embrace, during each surge. This helped give me some relief and I found that I couldn’t do it without him. Surges were really frequent at that stage, with barely a break. I found myself thinking that maybe this was transition, as I started to think “Why would anyone do this?! What’s this Hypnobirthing?!” haha, then probably a few minutes after these thoughts, I felt my body change and I no longer needed to hang off Andrew. I felt myself squatting down and a great pressure in my pelvis.

Almost Here!

Jo suggested I get into the birth pool and I did feel great relief as the water surrounded me. Andrew sat in front of me and I held (grabbed tightly) his hands through each surge. I felt this amazing pressure and bubba moving down. In my last labour, this was probably the most difficult time for me, as I spent 3 hours in the second stage. I found myself hoping that the surges were moving bubba down. It was damn hard, but once Andrew began the affirmations about opening up I was reminded of the lotus flower script. I focussed on opening and allowing bubba to move down. I noticed a rhythm to the surges too – a reasonable break, followed by four intense surges, then another break. Jo trickled water down my back, spoke quietly every so often and put cold flannels on my neck (I can still feel the relief of the cool flannel now!). After about 10 or 15 minutes I felt bubba moving down and reaching my perineum. I then felt the crowning sensation and the “ring of fire” thought popped into my head, which my friend had told me about a few years ago. She had said “oh the ring of fire, that kills!.” So, this had become a fear of mine. Then, as quickly as the thought came, the words from the lotus flower script came to me “numbing my perineum.” When I felt the crowning sensation with each surge I said “numbing numbing numbing” under my breath, this helped tremendously and I focussed hard on numbing, instead of crowning. This made me forget the sensation of burning and helped me through.

Our Gorgeous Baby!

I had moved my right leg instinctually to make room for my bubba and I reached down and could feel the softness of baby’s head. I was so relieved to feel her head there and so excited. With a few more surges, bubbas head was out. The relief was tremendous and a smile came to my face. I could feel the emotion in the room from everyone (the birth photographer Jes and second midwife, Leah had arrived at some point). I felt like I was on the home straight now and knew I was only moments away from meeting bubba. I moved my hands down and then with the last surge bub was out and Jo helped me grab my baby and I reefed my beautiful baby out of the water and onto my chest. “I did it!” I exclaimed and cried. I was so overcome with happiness and strength. I really felt truly amazing and beyond joy for my precious bundle. Andrew and I embraced and held bubba together and cried. I then looked around the room and noticed Jes and Leah for the first time and said “Hello!” The feeling of finishing labour was such immense relief and like a light in my conscious mind turned on again. I could talk and see what else was going on in the room, as I now had my beautiful baby in my arms. I then realised that I should check to see if our baby was a boy or girl! I checked and we had another perfectly healthy, beautiful, baby girl, just as we thought

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